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Who are the Volunteers?

CNTN is run by volunteers working in four teams for a few hours on a four-weekly rota. If you would like to join us please contact us.

In order of operation we have

Cutting Editors and Sub-Editors collect the Chronicles and turn them into the Newspaper to be read out. Articles are selected to provide a good balance of interests and to minimise any bias. They then edit the articles to make better reading and collate them into sections and end up with a newspaper that takes about the target of 70 minutes to read.

Readers read the prepared articles. They usually work in a team of four and are the voices you hear on your Talking Newspaper.

Recorders record the readers to a computer, mix in any music and prepare a master memory stick. There's little time for editing so it's effectively recorded "as live".

Copiers do a lot more than copying. They take the envelopes received from listeners, check for problems and prepare the envelopes to be sent out. They copy the memory sticks and put them into the envelopes. Finally they post the envelopes.

House Visitors visit the listeners to help with the equipment or maybe just to make contact. House Visitors will always let you and any representative know before they visit.

There's a lot more to producing a Talking Newspaper than you would think!