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Online Access

Online Access.

Services described on this page are for use by the visually impaired only.

There are many ways of getting the Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper. We will resume sending memory sticks when things return to normal, and providing players to people who qualify, but many people are finding on-line access to be more convenient.

There are several ways of accessing the Talking Newspaper on-line, but once you have selected your favourite you can stick to that, the content is the same on all of them.

Online versions of the Talking Newspapers are usually updated on Thursday night.

If you are using a phone, remember that on-line access will use your data allowance unless you are connected to WiFi.

Listening to the Talking Newspaper directly from this website.

A list of the last 5 editions is shown on the right hand side of every page on this website. More details here.


The British Wireless for the Blind Fund app lets you play the latest talking newspaper, on your iPhone or Android phone or tablet. It will also give you the choice of listening to over 200 other talking newspapers. More details here.

iTunes or another podcast app.

If you use iTunes or another podcast app, such as Podit, you can just add us to your playlist. More details here.

Amazon Alexa device.

If you have an Amazon Echo, better known as an Alexa device, you can hear the latest 5 editions just by asking. More details here.

Google Home device.

If you have a Google Home device, you can hear the latest 5 editions just by asking. More details here.