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Using This Website to Listen to the Talking Newspaper.

On the right hand side of every page on this website, you will find a link to the latest edition of the Talking Newspaper. Click this link and it will take you to the audio player for that edition. The player does not start automatically, as that could cause problems if you're using a screen reader.

There are 5 buttons above the player, these are:

  • Skip to start of track or previous track.
  • Play.
  • Skip to next track.
  • Playback speed.
  • Show tracks, or chapters.

When you open the page the play button is selected, so you just need to press it to start. If you have played this edition before, it will carry on from where you left off.

Under the player is the list of tracks. If you want to skip to a particular track, such as Letters, just click on it. If the list of tracks is not shown, click on the Show Tracks button above the player.

The player works with most browsers on PCs, tablets, and phones, but it does not work with Internet Explorer.