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General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR) Statement.

What Personal Data Do We Hold For Postal Listeners?

The only personal data we need to hold is your name and address, without this we wouldn’t be able to send you your Talking Newspaper.

Any other information you give us is optional.  If you give it, this is how it will be used:

Phone number and e-mail address.  We will only use these to contact you if we believe you have a problem receiving your Talking Newspaper.

Alternative contact details.  If we believe you have a problem receiving your Talking Newspaper and we can’t contact you, we can contact a relative or friend.

What Personal Data Do We Hold For Online Listeners?

If you view our website or listen to our services without registering we hold no personal information about you.

If you register for e-mails we will hold your e-mail address.

What Personal Data Do We Hold For Volunteers?

As a minimum we need your name and some means of contacting you such as phone number or e-mail address.

Optionally you can provide your address, your e-mail address and your phone number.

Your main contact phone number / e-mail address will only be used to contact you if it is necessary to change the operating schedule or to contact you in case of illness.

Your e-mail address will only be used to send you the Operations Calendar, details of Talking Newspaper events and administrative matters.

How Is My Personal Data Used?

Personal data is only used to provide the Talking Newspaper service.

Your personal data is never passed on to any other organisation – with the obvious exception of your name and address that are on the envelope posted via Royal Mail.

How Secure Is My Personal Data?

Listener data is held as paper records in a locked area within the Talking Newspaper office.  It is only accessible to volunteers who need it to produce and deliver the Talking Newspaper.

Volunteer data is held in an encrypted file on a computer.  It is only accessible by the Talking Newspaper Secretary.

What If I Want To See Or Change My Personal Data?

You can ask to see, change or delete your personal data at any time.  If you cease to be associated with the Talking Newspaper all of your personal data will be deleted.

Who Do I Contact? / Who Is Responsible?

The Secretary of the Talking Newspaper is responsible for data security and for the maintenance of personal data.

You can include a note in an envelope you are returning, please remember to put your name in case the note becomes separated from the envelope.

You can e-mail the Talking Newspaper secretary at

You can use the contact form on this website.