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The Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper Story.

1977: The Beginning.

Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper for the Visually Impaired, was set up following an initiative from Crewe Rotary Club in 1977. They got together a number of local people, who became the nucleus for the organisation as it operates today.

2002: 25 Years Old.

To mark the first 25 years of the Talking Newspaper, we produced a booklet in which some of the founder members recall the early days, and the first quarter century. You can read the booklet here.

2012: Talking Newspaper Goes Digital.

Like many other Talking Newspapers we transferred to a fully digital operation in October 2012, using USB memory sticks instead of cassette tapes. Since then our membership has increased.

2017: 40 Years Old, and still going.
2020: Online access to your Talking Newspaper.

A new phase begins as the Talking Newspaper becomes available on-line, in addition to memory sticks. This allows us to extend the service to include anyone who has a medical or age-related condition that prevents them from reading a printed newspaper.

2022: 45 Years Old, and going strong!