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Our Listeners.

We have about 100 visually impaired listeners, and that number is increasing every week since we've moved to using digital recording.

If you can't see to read a newspaper with your glasses if you have them, then you qualify to receive the Talking Newspaper. Contact details are on the Contact Page.

Talking Newspaper on Memory Sticks.

Every week we produce a Talking Newspaper, with special editions at certain times during the year such as Easter and Christmas. We have even been known to produce an April Fool's special edition! We produce the Talking Newspaper online. If you do not have internet access, we are able to send out the Talking Newspaper on memory sticks. If you haven't got a player, we are able to provide them in some circumstances. Equipment can be purchased from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). The RNIB shop ( stocks a range of USB and media players:

If you listen to your Talking Newspaper via memory stick, when you have listened to the recording, you send the memory stick back in the Articles for the Blind (free postage) envelope. Please send the envelope back promptly if you are able to, as we only have a limited number in circulation.

Talking Newspaper on your Computer / Tablet / Phone and on Alexa Device.

You can now listen to the Talking Newspaper on your computer, tablet, or phone, also on your Alexa Devices. More details here.


What if you don't want the Talking Newspaper as you've gone into hospital, or gone for a long holiday in the sunshine? - Just let us know when you go and when you come back. You can contact us via our contact page, or put a note in your yellow wallet. If you listen online, you are able to access the Talking Newspaper from anywhere with an internet connection. Please be aware that internet roaming charges may apply if you are listening to the Talking Newspaper from somewhere far away in the sunshine!

If you move to a care home we can send the Talking Newspaper to you there. Many care homes listen to the Talking Newspaper as a group.

Moved away from South Cheshire? - no problem, we send recordings all over the UK to people who have moved away from the area. Alternatively listen via our world-wide coverage on the Internet.

Do you want to listen to a talking newspaper for your area? - look on the Talking Newspaper Federation page, or listen on-line with the British Wireless for the Blind Fund app.